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Initial report: 8/29/2016

So. I have bought weed. It only took until I was in my 40's but hey, no time like the present, hmm?

Given that my body's pain levels are high, even before winter hits, and increased use of painkillers is wreaking havok on both my brain fog, and my GI system, I decided it was time to take advantage of the fact that cannabis is now legal in WA. Medical use was legal previously, and I could have easily qualified- but we were also dealing with the government on a regular basis, and that would have cause Issues.

Did some research, talked to people, and came home with a tincture and some buds. (And a little green glass pipe, because) Both are high in CBD, rather than THC, so they'll act primarily on my body, rather than my mental state. The tincture is (nominally) unflavored, and can be taken sublingually or mixed with a drink. I've used that two nights now on the lowest amount, and I've noticed a few things-

  • It definitely takes down the overall body ache. There's still pockets of sharp pain but the stiffness, achy, meh I hurt all over is less.
  • I hurt less in the morning. So theoretically it's long lasting.
  • About 1/2-1 hour after taking it, I have about 15min-1/2 hour of my brain feeling kinda floaty and abstract, but then I feel like my brain has more clarity for a while after that.
  • My husband is a dork because the first time he kept 'checking in' to see if I was ok...he was really waiting to see if I got goofy high.

It's only been twice, so we'll see if these things continue (Scott being a dork will never change). I'm keeping a sorta log so I can see trends.

As far as the actual plant matter- haven't yet smoked a bowl, as the kiddies say...TBH, I had to look up how you even do that because I am tragically unhip. The strain that was recommended to me as good for a beginner and for pain management was UW Purple- amusingly enough the legend says this strain was ganked by a UW undergrad from a legit lab study sometime in the last 4 decades. It looks like it has strong sedating effects, so I will try it in the evening, when I don't need to be up later. This could also be good for the insomnia-prone Tiffer. (HAH! "Talk to your kids about drugs!" "Here, try some of mom's pot... it might help you sleep better."). And now I'm doing things like price comparison and store locations. How surreal.

  • Initial Purchace:
    • Ethos Innovates 'Relief' CBD Beverage Concentrate- Tincture used sublingually, or mixed in a drink. 1oz total 100mg CBD, 2mg THC; 1 dropper dose approx 5mg CBD, .1mg THC
    • UW Purp dried bud cannabis. 3.5 grams THCA 8.8% THC .2% CBD .1% THCmax 7.9% Total cannabanoids 10.1%
  • Day 1: 8/27
    • Dose: 1 dropper tincture sublingual Time: Approx 10pm

Noted initial muzzy headed feeling followed by alertness & pain reduction

  • Day 2: 8/28
    • Dose: 1 dropper tincture sublingual Time: Approx 10pm

Same notations as day two, woke up in less pain.

  • Day 3: 8/29
    • Dose: 1 dropper tincture in tea Time: Approx 8pm
    • Less than 1/8 tsp unpacked cannabis, smoked. Time: Approx 10pm
    • 1 dropper tincture sublingual Time: Approx 12am

Significant pain post physical therapy. Tincture noted same effects as earlier, took a bit longer to work on the pain, and had an effective time of about 3-3.5 hours. Very small amount of cannabis smoked, slight euphoric feeling, significant wave of sleepiness about 1/2 hour-45 minutes post, lasted about 1/2 hour. No noticeable effects after that. Took dose of tincture before bed, noticeable pain reduction following that & warm bath.