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This was me talking on Twitter & G+

A creativity co-op group. You do 5 hours of work for someone in the group, you can call on 5 hours of someone else's skill.

Everyone in the co-op starts with a credit of X hours, so no one is sitting around waiting for a volunteer to start.

People in the group can say "I have this thing I want to make, here's what I've done, here's what I need- and it'll get done.

Because people in the group know if they help out with that idea, they can ask for help with their idea- and more things get made.

I know, I'm a rosy-glasses sort of person, but I can daydream, anyhow. So many good ideas are held back because of $$.

Crowdfunding used to (sort of) address that, but now there's saturation, and a shift to 'get something early' rather than 'enable an idea'.

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