Tarot of the Deep City

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This is a thing a bunch of us keep bouncing around, but hasn't gotten a lot of momentum.

It would be SO COOL though!


These were gleaned from a cricket-filled now defunct G+ community

Belford: I'm in favor. Work a linking panel into the design of the court cards. Or the trumps. Or, hell, every card.

Me: So, riffing off the traditional tarot symbology, lets start with the Greater. I can see FOOL being the EXPLORER, because the Fool has a strong sense of starting out on a journey, taking first steps into the unknown, that sorta thing. 

Keshwyn: Atrus is clearly the Mage. Is Catherine the High Priestess, or is Yeesha? Would Ti'Ana and Aitrus be the Empress and the Emperor, as they are in some ways the font from which much of the story springs? Gehn is the Heirophant, I think. Or possibly that's Veovis? A'Gaeris is the Devil.

Oscy: The World should be the Great Tree of Possibilities

Belford: Heh. This isn't the primary idea, but you could get away with making the Major Arcana all Ages. (Fool=Relto, Magician=Myst, Emperor=Kadish, World=D'ni, Tower=Gahreesen, Wheel=Ahnonay, Star=Todelmer, Death=Riven (or Selenitic?)... See, this is already too much fun.)

Capella: I know about nothing about tarot, but I see Catherine as the High Priestess. Catherine's spirituality and visions are genuine and centered around helping. Yeesha's comes from the same pride she condemns in the D'ni, even if eventually she grows into her role better - I don't think that card is supposed to have those overtones.

Oscy: Agreed, Catherine would be the High Priestess I think. I need to relearn/learn the card meanings. I'm 90% certain there's a card that fits Yeesha better. I think Aitrus fits the Hanged Man best. Gehn for Heirophant. Kadish might be able to slot into the Devil, though Ae'gaeris would work equally as well if not better (just coming up with options). I still really like Catherine for The High Priestess - I'd love to see her in her Rivenese garb for it. Yeesha could slot nicely into the Moon. Actually, for Kadish, is there a card that exudes "sweet ass ugg" aura? ;) (speaking of which, shoomy might want to check out this project..) Also I agree with doing the Court as Ages. Major Arcana needs more impact and.. Hmm. I don't have the word. connection? That might be it. I like the idea though.

Keshwyn: Might the Bahro work for the Moon? Temperance might be the Nexus.


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