Space Smugglers of 3313!

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SPACE SMUGGLERS of 3313! Adventures in Universal Product Movement

It's a big universe out there- and people need things. Things they can't get through...normal...means.

That's where you come in. You and your loyal (but dubious) crew graciously offer to transport goods from one planetary port of call to another; for a modest fee, of course. All you want from life is to get the job done, get paid, and avoid the Galactic Patrol. If you can manage that, you can retire- in about 25,000 Credits.

Set Up:


  • Pieces- 3 white ships, 1 each Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple ships
  • 1d6
  • Movement Cards
  • Job Cards
  • Cargo Cards

Lay out board:

Set on sideboard:

  • Movement Cards, Job Cards & Cargo Cards (shuffle each, natch.)

(When a pile runs low, shuffle the discards back in.)

  • Credits by denomination on the sideboard

Each player chooses a colored spaceship and places it on a Planet

  • More than one ship can occupy the same Planet, but ONLY at the start of the game;

White spaceships are Galactic Patrol, and start on Planet Galactic

  • Place 1 GP ship for every 2 players (so, 2-3 players=1 ship; 4-5 players=2 ships; 6 players=3 ships)

Each player rolls the d6. The player who rolled highest goes first, then play continues clockwise around the table.

Playing The Game:


1) Draw a Job card if you don't have one

  • This will tell you which Planet(s) you need to pick up Cargo from, and where you need to drop that Cargo. Look at your Job, but don't show it to anyone. Set it face down in front of you.

2) Draw a Movement card, place it face up

  • All ships will move each turn, and are moved by the current player. Yes, this means someone can muck with your flight plan. This is why you don't want them to know where your Job is sending you!
    • Move each white Galactic Patrol (GP) ship the number of spaces indicated on the card. If a GP ship lands DIRECTLY ON or PASSES a player's ship see & follow ENCOUNTERS


  • Going chromatically (red, orange, yellow, etc. Skip colors not in play) move each ship the number of spaces indicated on the card. If a player's ship lands DIRECTLY ON another, see & follow ENCOUNTERS. No action if a players ship passes another.
    • Landing DIRECTLY ON a hyperspace point allows you to move to ANY OTHER hyperspace point.
    • If any players ship lands DIRECTLY ON a Planet, that player goes to PLANETFALL

3) Discard the Movement card, play passes clockwise.


  • All players move all ships on their turns, but the owner(s) of the ship(s) involved in an Encounter is the one that performs actions with it.
  • The shipping lanes are not one way, however once a ship moves in a direction in a turn, it can't turn around (ie, no hopping your, or other player's ships back and forth between two spaces)


Having a Run-In With Galactic Patrol

It happens to the best of smugglers, sometimes the law finds you!

  • If a GP ship lands DIRECTLY ON your ship- you're nabbed. Lose your Job card, and any Cargo you have on board
  • If they PASS BY your ship, roll the dice:
    • ODD you've flown under their radar.
    • EVEN you've been nabbed- lose your Job card, and any Cargo.

Of course, even the Galactic Patrol has weak spots. You can chose to try and BRIBE the GP ship.

A BRIBE costs 2500 Credits; lay the credits in front of you and roll the dice:

  • ODD, they accept the bribe, and you keep your Job and Cargo.
  • EVEN they don't- you lose Job, Cargo, AND the money! (discard cards, return Credits to pile)

Having a Run-In With Another Smuggler

There's no honor among thieves out in the dead of space, and if you and another Smuggler are in the same place at the same time (ie, land on the same spot), there's a good chance someone is going to lose their Cargo!

  • Roll the dice- the HIGHER NUMBER gets the other player's Job and Cargo.


Planets can only be landed on by direct number, otherwise you just skim past their orbit.

If this is the Pick Up Planet on your Job card

  • Collect the listed Cargo card(s), but don't look at them, put them face down in front of you until you reach their destination.

If this is the Drop Off Planet

  • look at your Cargo, collect the listed Credits, and discard both Cargo and Job cards.

'If this Planet is neither a Pick Up or Drop Off'

  • You can choose to stay here for ONE turn.
    • When the next player draws a Movement card, tell them before they move you that you aren't taking off yet. If you miss it, you miss it.

Winning The Game

The first player to make Planetfall while in possession of 25,000 Credits has successfully retired, and wins the game.


These are just me dinking around with stuff for alpha testing. I kinda want to go with a campy 1950 Space Movie/Duck Dodgers sort of feel.

File:Movement1.png I actually have a full set of movement cards, carefully numbered so that each colour has an equal number of total moves, but no colour has the same number on each card.




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