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A website that allows parents of special needs children to search for respite providers in their area using a large array of search options including (bnlt),specific conditions & symptoms (SMS, CP, behavioral outbursts,etc...), support needs (toileting, feeding tube, etc.), skill level, etc.

Providers would pay to be listed in the database, parents would search free of charge.


Because the respite provider lists given to parents by DDD/State are VERY inadequate, they list only a name and contact, doesn't differentiate between adult/elder respite care and youth. The current system also lays the burden of search & interviews on the parents, who are likely already overloaded.

Some existing care/babysitting websites say they provide special needs respite, but the options for fine tuning that search are very limited. Also, they tend to charge the person searching for access to results- another burden to stressed parents.

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