Professor Tezhme's Electromagical Mechanical Oddiments

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Original concept for use in SL- Possibly adaptable to web game.
Collection Game, summarized as Object A + Object B= larger Object C, etc.
Steam/Cyber/Crystalpunk influences.

1- Single piece object, decorative/abstract only
2- Single piece object, does 1 action (like particles or sound) on touch
3- Multiple piece object, does 2-3 simple actions
4- Multiple piece object, does complex action (moves, dances, hops around, etc)

OBJECTS need MAINTAINENCE at each level (= to pet feeding)
1- No maintainence needed
2- Bi-weekly maintainance- every 14 days takes X amount of 'food'
3- Weekly maint.
4- Daily maint.

Objects will DEACTIVATE if not maintained for 2 maintainance periods - ie, they will 'hibernate' and not be able to be COMBINED or RECYCLED.
They will need REACTIVATION (ie, special maintainance item applied) to be useable. Deactivation can happen in world or in inventory.
Maintaninance erratta: oil can that you wear, and click on objects? Introduce auto-maintainance machine later? What about different types of maintainance 'food'?

A- Common
B- Uncommon
C- Rare
D- Unusual

Use a grid pattern to determine rarity ex:

OBJECTS can be RECYCLED- the equivilant to the turtle trader, etc. Gives points based on level and rarity

COMBINING OBJECTS Machine (The Oddiment Combo-transmogrification Device, or somesuch silly name) on site-

1) touches to activate, so only one person can use the machine at a time.
...a) machine will confirm players name, and show number of points available
2) Player places first object in hopper, machine asks for confirmation (gives back if no)
3) Player places second object, machine asks for confirmation (gives back if no)
4) Machine states point cost to combine objects (based on object level and rarity), asks to confirm combining process (gives both back if no)
5) Machine gives new object (boxed?) into inventory.
6) States new point total and deactivates.
Errata: Limit on number of uses in a time frame? Could people buy a mini machine for lower level combos?

OBJECT ERRATA: Randomly assigned colours- would colours have a rarity?
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Brass, Silver, Gold
Possibility of really random chance texture, like polkadots or stripes?

Player would need:
Maintanance equipment

Possibilities: Hud or object to show current points? What are the points, anyhow? What do they do/give?
Way for players to keep track of what they've already combined and what it gave them? (ie, "I combined a L1 whatzit and a L1 bling and it made a L2 thingy")
Player economy- what should be tradeable/sellable, and what shouldn't?
Objects that increase rarity potentials? (ie, if you toss in a left handed fleeble wrench with the two objects in the machine, it boost the chance of a rare object popping out)

HUD to hold objects for no-prim impact? Objects loaded into hud and can be maintained from there, but would need unloaded to combine. Should this be the FIRST way they are used, and in world items the second?

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