Principia Discordia: The Musical

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Principia Discordia: The Musical is primarily the brainmess of one Popess Yes That Eleri The Mighty Lap Huntress(catch and release eventually) & her Significant Other, Pope VAXJedi, Frater Ginsu, He Who Slices & Dices, High Enchilada of the Foundation for Neo-cognitive and Ontological Research and Development. Much has been blatantly ganked, copied, adapted and otherwise Fucked With from the original Principia Discordia, and other Discordian Texts of Import, as is Right and Proper.


5 actors (labeled Prickle, Boom, Orange, Sweet and Pungent) that shift between roles in a repertory fashion. They all get to play Eris at least once. There will be lots of fast costume changes & gender swapping, so keep that in mind when casting. There should be something that stays recognizably individual through all the costume changes (like, Boom is always bald, even when playing a girl, or Orange is always wearing black, etc...). Whoever is playing Eris should have a noticeable Gold Apple on them somewhere. Now, keep in mind that even though many of these characters can be played by gender, it should never be caricatures- don't go over the top with drag queen/kinging all the genderswapped roles. The only place it really matters is in the Greek bits- Hera, Athena and Aphrodite should give the impression of beauty and femininity, Paris and Zeus should be masculine.

The Greek Chorus

Ensemble players that sing, comment, act, etc as needed. They can double as stage crew doing scene changes. Always wearing white chitons or peplos. When they aren’t actually doing something onstage, they should be sitting nearby, obviously still paying attention, like a congregation. Think the Muses in Hercules. Tangent idea... they should pass out sacred chao printed church fans to the audience, and hold onto some themselves. And wouldn't it be nifty if their seating area could look like the top of a Greek vase? The GC should also have signs that they regularly hold up, like "APPLAUSE", "LAUGH", "OBLIGATORY POP CULTURE REFERENCE", "DON'T WORRY, WE DON'T GET IT, EITHER", etc.


The stage is relatively blank, with the sacred chao painted or otherwise placed on the floor, or displayed prominently behind the action. A projector screen would be awesome. Off to one side should be a lectern of some sort, with a book that looks like a formal, well-used bible on it. Sets are simple props and pieces used to give the impression of the setting.


For most of the background/stage sound we can use pre-recorded effects.

For the music, an orchestra and choir would be lovely, but who are we kidding, here? Guitar or piano is maybe what we’re going to get, probably pre-recorded. The Greek Chorus will be singing along. For the first/last song, if at all possible, get a big choir to record it for background.

Background scene change music (after the Interludes) could be a lovely rendition of something resembling Handel's Messiah and the Spam Song, only singing nothing but ‘fnord’. Maybe Ode to Joy in fnords.

List & Summary of Songs


Someone from the Greek Chorus will stand and read bits from the Principia & related works at the lectern.


  • PRELUDE (Song: Battle Hymn of the Eristocracy)
    • Interlude
  • ACT 1: The Original Snub
    • Scene 1- Party Planning (Song: Gotta Invite Them All)
      • Interlude
    • Scene 2- The Prettiest (Song: To The Prettiest)
      • Interlude
  • ACT 2: Hail Discordia
    • Scene 1- And So It Begins (Song: Tis an Ill Wind That Blows No Minds)
      • Interlude
    • Scene 2- Initiation (Song: Fives)
      • Interlude
  • ACT 3: High Weirdness
    • Scene 1- Choose Your Own Script (Song: Choose Your Own Eris)
      • Interlude
    • Scene 2- Philosophisory (Song: Weird Shit on the Internet)
      • Interlude
  • ACT 4: Random Acts
    • Scene 1- And Now, The News (Song: Chaos, Disorder and Panic, OH MY!)
      • Interlude
    • Scene 2- Cabinet Meeting (Song: ??)
      • Interlude
  • ACT 5: Revelations
    • Scene 1- ??? (Song: ??)
      • Interlude
    • Scene 2- Tale of the GrayFace (Song: GrayFace Blues & Raise Your Chao)
      • Interlude
  • EPILOGUE (Song: Battle Hymn of the Eristocracy)


So. This is a thing. This is a thing that I would like to see happen. Thus, crowdfunding at some point.

Songwriting: 11 songs @ $250 each = $2750

Theater rental: Starts at $500, assume more.

Music recording: ??

Target crowfunding amount is probably $5-6K. Which is a bunch sigh.

Plan A) Pay for songwriting out of bonus, then crowdfund to cover those costs Plan B) Go straight to crowdfunding, have everything else done except the songwriting.

What sort of backer rewards should I have, anyhow?