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This was much of the preliminary notes for the game- lots has changed now, and I have my design docs in google. IM me and I can show you mebby.

Ghost Diary is a point & click adventure game, where players will solve puzzles and put together clues to reach an end goal.

The Story

And envelope from a lawyer arrived in the mail today, and you discover that you are the sole living heir of a Great Uncle you didn't know you had. Your inheritance is the house he lived in, located in a rural town some miles away. You travel to the house, only to find that it is not entirely deserted. The ghost of your GreatGrandfather's sister, who vanished under mysterious circumstances when her was still young. It seems she had inherited her Grandmother's aptitude with magic and spells, but a youthful mistake caused her to be trapped within her own diary. You must find all the componants needed to enter the secret room and break the spell.

Basic Player Agency

Player needs to be able to:

  • Look at things
  • Pick up things
  • Touch things
  • Use one thing on another
  • Look at Inventory
  • Read Diary
  • Save Game
  • Quit Game



The Twelve- Keys, Gems & Elixers


Inventory List


Concept Art

Adventure Game Studio Notes

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