Doula Buzz

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What It Is

An app and bee-shaped charm that helps clients contact their doula quickly, and notifies the doula even if their phone isn't on them. The idea is a simple, attractive accessory that gives a doula quick information, 24/7

How it works

When a client hires a doula, the doula has them download the Client App to their device. The doula then enters in the client information into their app, and assigns the client a color; this syncs with the client's app. When the client needs to get in touch with their doula, they use the app to send what's going on, how urgent it is, and which number to call. (This should all be quick and easy to choose via menu- with the option to add a message), and they hit SEND.

The Doula app receives the contact and sends a signal to the bee charm, which lights up in the client's color, and vibrates (buzz, buzz, pause, repeat) (the device the app is installed on will also vibrate/notify). The bee will keep going until the doula hits "Received" on the app- which will notify the clients the doula got the message.

The App

The app would have two versions, one for the Doula, one for the Client.

  • Doula App:
    • Enter in basic information for up to 5 clients, and assign those clients a colour (matching the leds in the bee)
    • Status: Emails, on call, response times, away, call backup
    • Customizeable display and notification sounds
    • When a client uses the app to contact the doula, the doula app shows:
      • Client's Name and EDD
      • Time of contact
      • Urgency of contact
      • Callback number
      • Subject
      • Message if any
    • Received button
    • Send message(s)
  • Client App
    • Doula(s) name and contact info
    • Doula Status
    • Client contact info
    • Contact Doula:
      • Level of urgency: When convenient, today, ASAP, meet at home/hospital
      • Drop down menu of potential reasons to contact (Water broke, regular contractions, intense contractions, cervical dilation, etc...)
      • How to contact
      • Message
      • Send button
    • Cancel button
    • Received notification
    • Read messages

The Bee

The bee should be a small-ish charm (available in gold tone or silver tone) that:

  • Vibrates
  • Has 5 lights internally
  • Communicates with app
  • Easy to change battery/recharge
  • Comfortable to wear

What about...

Why not just use a smartwatch? Because they are expensive, and have much more functionality than needed. A charm is easy to attach to anything- bracelet, necklace, clothing.

Why is this useful? Because sometimes our phones are in our purses/pockets, or it is inconvenient to have it out where we can see it. Having a charm that visually and tactilely notifies you is more accessible (especially if a client sends a text- most phones only buzz once for that.)

What if there is more than one doula? The doula-side app could be configured to synch between more than one installation- maybe through a "friend code"?

Would this work for midwives? It could absolutely work with midwives. Maybe the provider-side app could have some customization options for the "what's going on" list.