Descent of Inanna Oracle

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Inanna- Divinity, strength of will, force of nature
Ninshubur- Caution, voice of reason, faithful companion
Bedu- Gatekeeper, challenge, Who are you?
Ereshkigal- Mirror, the hidden, secrets
Enki- Compassion, concern, listening with open heart
Kurgurra & Galatur- Allies, empathy, sharing
Enlil & Nanna- Blame, rejection, refusal
Dimuzi- Sexual partnership, relaxed pleasure, love of life
Annunakai- Judgement, fate, balance
Shara & Lulal- Waiting, mourning, regret
Galla- Price to be paid, exchange

The Seven Me

The Shugurra- Crown, leadership, authority
Lapis earrings- Magic, mystery, initiation
Lapis necklace- Wisdom, teaching, knowledge
Breastplate- Heart, emotion, connection
Robe- Self, ego, identity
Gold Cuffs- Wealth, vitality, abundance
Measuring Rod- Will, focus, clarity

The Gates

First Gate- Threshold, decision, point of no return
Second Gate- Loss of authority, handing off of power
Third Gate- Heart wounds, emotional vulnerability
Fourth Gate- Poverty, scarcity, need
Fifth Gate- Spiritual loss, emptiness
Sixth Gate- Confusion, doubt, fear
Seventh Gate- Diminished self, forgotten self-worth


The Seven Temples- Responsability, obligation, tasks
The Great Above- Home, security, stability, order
The Great Below- Change, darkness, chaos, the unknown
The Call- Deep yearning, insistant instinct, summoning
The Hook- Death, stagnation, incapacity, inertia
The Challenge-"Why has your heart led you on the road, from which no traveller returns?"
The Way of the Underworld- Unyeilding truths, rules, imposed limits


That's the big question now. Why would anyone use this? What is it for? What makes it different from other oracle/divination/kick your subconcious in the ass decks? It's really small compared to most. I can see the Gates being really useful when used with another deck. Maybe it is best used when you've got a major transition/descent coming up? I dunno.

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