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Premise: The existence of mythological/fantasy creatures is dependent on human belief.

  • Humans give off an energy, like a radiation, based on how much they believe in the supernatural.
    • The number of creatures/monsters in existence is proportionate to the amount of Belief Energy exuded by humans.
    • Is BE diferentiated between fiction & non-fiction? For example, does the fact that vampires are a trendy topic, and present in the human psyche constitute 'belief', and creates BE?
      • Is the manefestation of types monsters based on the monsters believed in, or is BE non-descriptive? If the manifestations are made stronger by the actual beliefs of an area, could there be regional monsters? ie bigfoot in the PNW or aliens in NM?

Premise: Human beings can be Anchors

  • Anchors attract belief energy to themselves like a magnet, and create a stable pool of that energy around them.
    • The amount of energy drawn is based on the strength of the Anchor, the stromger the Anchor, the wider their area of BE
    • The presence of an Anchor, causing a stable pool of BE, allows supernatural creatures to manifest within that area.
      • Tangent to third point above- perhaps many people have weak Anchor ability, and it is their beliefs/dreams/nightmares that help shape what is manifested in an area.
    • How/when does the ability manifest? Are Anchors known from birth? Puberty? Sudden onset in a shower of fireworks? Is the manifestation of power concious or unconcious?
      • Is a little kid with lots of monsters under the bed, really an Anchor in the early stages of their power?

Premise: The wellbeing and survival of these creatures is dependent on the wellbeing of the Anchor(s) in their area

  • If something happens to the Anchor, it impacts everyone.
  • Anchors are a precious commodity- monsters are afraid of 'their' Anchor coming to harm- because of this they do not need to be the typical Urban Fantasy protagonist; physically fit, special abilities, special connections, etc. (40something chubby housewife vs buff 20something ex-cop...)
    • How much influence does an Anchor have over the monsters in their area? Does a strong anchor become a Den Mother/Parole Officer/ Mediator? Is a weaker Anchor unaware of their influence, and pretected 'behind the scenes'?
    • Plotbunny: An Anchor becomes a ruthless overlord in their city, using self-injury to control the monsters.
    • Plotbunny: Monsters, wanting to ensure the safety of their Anchor from all threats, isolate them in a very guilded cage. But, not understanding how even posh isolation affects the human psyche, can not understand why mmonsters in the area are all going insane.
    • Plotbunny: A dispute betwwen rival monsters in seperate cities creates a 'capture the flag' conflict with each side trying to gain control (even kill) the Anchor of the other side.

Premise: The stronger the concentration of BE in an area, the more self-aware the creatures are.

  • In an area with strong BE, monsters are able to have identities, motivations and behaviors of their own. In an area with weaker BE, they manifest in a more stereotypical way- ie cheezy movie vampires vs creatures with vampiric abilities that are more independent of cultural expectation. Sightings of Bug Eyed Aliens vs more subtle 'extraterrestrial' creatures.

Premise: Monsters can move outside of their Anchor's direct sphere by carrying something physical with them

  • Origin of the 'sleeping in dirt from the homeland myth?'
  • If a monster moves outside of the pool of BE that created them without this, do the cease to exist? Can the item be taken from them?
  • If a monster comes into the BE sphere of a different Anchor, do they become tied to that Anchor right away? Does it take time, like being assimilated into a culture?
  • If an Anchor dies, do the monsters wink out in an instant, or do they fade slowly and can be revived by the presence of a new Anchor?

Premise: Anchors were created by the monsters themselves

  • Belief in the supernatural used to be a inegral part of the human psyche.
  • As the 'Age of Reason' emerged, and those beliefs begain to be set aside, some sort of Monster Conclave used their powers to change a group of humans into Anchors, in order to create strong pockets of BE so the monsters could continue.
  • Anchorism (snerk) has been passed down through the generations. Some lines have been carefully cultivated and strengthened, others faded into the occasional throwback of power.
    • New Orleans is an example of an area with a carefully cultivated family of Anchors.
  • Is the strong emergence of athieism and rationalism impacting the amount of BE in the world? Are the monsters concerned about this?
    • Do the monsters have an overarching governing body, that keeps track of Anchors & monster populations?
      • Does religious belief could as 'belief in the supernatural'? If so, why would the AoR diminish the monsters, since religious belief didn't wane? Would that mean that the current move to absolute scientific rationalism is more of a threat than the AoR?

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