Alice's Garden

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What it could be

How do we reconceptualize all of this idea from SL to a web-based game? The core concepts are all there, and all useable. Menus and built in controls and inventory can replace HUDS, graphics replace the sculpts, etc.

What it was...

Alice's Garden is a Second Life based game that tangents from the popular 'breedables' concept and adds the focus of a collectible card game & chess. Players will, by growing and manipulating flowers, earn cards & peices that can be used to play multiple types of games with other SL players, or traded in for AiW themed accessories. Eventually, a web interface for playing the card games while not logging in to SL would be nice.

The conceptual theme of AG is based on the classic imagery of Alice in Wonderland, using the garden of talking flowers as the primary in world element, with a Wonderland-esqe deck of cards as the other key element.


The first iterations of the Alice idea were coming together in October of 2010; several attempts were made to start building the project, but have been hampered by a lack of committed sculpt artists or coders, waiting to see if mesh would be compatable (it isn't), and RL concerns. These documents are a consolidation & clarification of the project, in the hopes of being able to start fresh, and possibly spur on some sort of croundfunding.

SL Design Docs